Contest 9 - No longer held back

How can we prevent students from repeating the school year?

Nearly 1 out of every 2 students in Latin America does not finish high school.  

Students who are help back in school are at greater risk of dropping out.


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Low-income students are at even greater risk of repeating grades and dropping out of school. In his short film "Written Off," produced for GRADUATE XXI, Mexican director Nicolas Pereda asks if going to school is a sound decision when money is tight.

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Compromiso afectivo alumno-docente (Spanish only)

By: José Luis López

December 28, 2013 COMMENTS
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Reducir la cantidad de alumnos por curso (tal vez 15 o menos) para que el docente pueda establecer lazos más afectivos con los alumnos y comprometerse a hacer un seguimiento de su situación social, familiar y académica.
Creo que si el/los docente/s tenemos la habilidad de ganarlos afectivamente el compromiso para seguir en la escuela es mayor, claro que hay que involucrarse en serio con esta realidad.

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