Contest 9 - No longer held back

How can we prevent students from repeating the school year?

Nearly 1 out of every 2 students in Latin America does not finish high school.  

Students who are help back in school are at greater risk of dropping out.


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Low-income students are at even greater risk of repeating grades and dropping out of school. In his short film "Written Off," produced for GRADUATE XXI, Mexican director Nicolas Pereda asks if going to school is a sound decision when money is tight.

We have a winner!

Idea #13, Andres Gomez Polanco

Thank you, Andres – and thanks to all of you who participated in our ninth contest to end the dropout crisis. We hope you’ll participate in the next contest and help us keep the conversation going.
# 13

Towards a new educational model

By: Andres Gomez

September 8, 2014 COMMENTS


Here are two solutions to this social problem, the first will be discussed in terms of a quick solution implementation and the second is structural:

1) Short-term sustained reduction of repetition of school settings requires mechanisms for the prevention, detection and action to either prevent or remedy a deficiency of time educating him in knowledge and academic practices.

-Implementation of creativity, innovation, imagination and analytical skills as factors that must be mainstreamed in every class.

-Extended school hours from 7am to 4pm.

-Use of technology as a mechanism to reinforce what they learned in class.

2) A long-term structural and lasting solution to the increasing rates of repetition should be a truly innovative proposal to change the educational paradigm linked to sanctions and punishment, for a new educational paradigm that emphasizes learning and young talent.

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  1. Sam
    Sam says:

    Muchas Felicidades por tu idea Andres!

  2. Gary Baez says:

    El seguimiento a los alumnos de menor rendimiento es básico para ir avanzando las clases o en su momento, deteniendose hasta que el alumnado esté en su totalidad entendido el tema, tal como lo propone el sr. Gomez. Me permito añadir que la alimentación es pilar importante para la atención y comprensión.
    Saludos y Suerte!.

  3. IAN KEIL . says:

    How would extending hours help poor societies? This may be an American way of thinking, but there has to be incentives for people to stay in school. The government, along with private business, could, for example, promise to give a subsidized income to families that keep their children in school or they could promise that a branch of their company would move to the city/town, if a certain percentage of the working population finished high school, etc… It’s not that people do not want education, it’s that they see no future in it. If Americans didn’t see a pay off in a college education, they would not, on average, go over $30,000 in debt upon graduation.

  4. Jessica says:

    Im not agree with “Extended school hours” are u serious? … Actually I don´t remember the name of the country with the best education in the world, but their idea is less hours, less homework, we should take this kind of new ideas to improve ourselves… good luck Andres, I know that u are giving your best.. don´t giv up :)

  5. Sebastián Peñafiel says:

    This proposal could be a really strong but necessary change. Keep going.

  6. sara veintimilla says:

    Thia is a amazing idea

  7. Andrea Mejía says:

    Sin lugar a duda, el presentar soluciones para mejorar la estructura social a través del conocimiento es necesario no sólo implementando retórica del Siglo XVII, sino el desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías con práctica y sabiduría.

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