Nearly 1 out of every 2 students in Latin America does not finish high school.

Students who graduate high school find better jobs, earn higher salaries and have more opportunities. This month for our eighth contest we ask:

How can we give students who have dropped out of high school a second chance at a diploma?

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May 19

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June 9

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"The short film shows that perhaps it’s easier to go to high school when you’re 15 years-old, not when you’re 24 and you have a child and other concerns."

Pablo Stoll, film director

In our blog you can dig deeper into the issues and discuss them with NGOs and others who are working to give every student a chance to earn a diploma.


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Get an A! Week of April 7-11, 2014


11 / April / 2014 COMMENTS

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If you were in charge, how would you change things? Share your idea with us. Your idea could change things for the better.


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# 5
7Fs: Construyendo mi Futuro (Spanish Only)

By: Joyce Katherine Lezcano Del Cid - #8

21 / April / 2014 COMMENTS

El lograr que un joven o adulto regrese a las aulas de clase más que un propósito debe ser nuestra meta como sociedad, y lo digo basada en mi experiencia como docente dentro de un Centro Penitenciario, en donde jóvenes que una vez se alejaron del sistema educativo encuentran una segunda y hasta una tercera oportunidad para encaminar su vida basada en el estudio. Pero no debemos esperar que ellos se conviertan en una estadística más, sino que debemos diseñar estrategias que permitan que nuestros jóvenes lleguen a completar su educación secundaria, y se conviertan en ciudadanos útiles y agentes de cambio en la sociedad.

Continue reading “7Fs: Construyendo mi Futuro (Spanish Only)” »

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