Contest 9 - No longer held back

How can we prevent students from repeating the school year?

Nearly 1 out of every 2 students in Latin America does not finish high school.  

Students who are help back in school are at greater risk of dropping out.


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October 22

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November 18

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Low-income students are at even greater risk of repeating grades and dropping out of school. In his short film "Written Off," produced for GRADUATE XXI, Mexican director Nicolas Pereda asks if going to school is a sound decision when money is tight.

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In our blog you can dig deeper into the issues and discuss them with NGOs and others who are working to give every student a chance to earn a diploma.


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Answering the Call: Classmates Make Sure No Student Is Left Behind


15 / septiembre / 2014 COMMENTS

Can you imagine coming home from school, doing your homework and then, instead of resting or playing, going to a classmate’s house to help him with his school work as well?

Now, can you imagine doing this at the age of nine? For Segundo Virgilio Zuña Mayra and four of his classmates this is part of their daily lives. When these children were selected by their fourth grade teacher Doris Paucar Galindo to become tutors for eight of their classmates who are at risk of repeating the school year, the young tutors didn’t hesitate to answer the call. Continue reading “Answering the Call: Classmates Make Sure No Student Is Left Behind” »

If you were in charge, how would you change things? Share your idea with us. Your idea could change things for the better.


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# 24
Desarrollar habilidades socioemocionales

By: jorge De la Rosa Jimenez - #9

18 / septiembre / 2014 COMMENTS

Desarrollar habilidades socioemocionales en la comunidad educativa e implementar acciones de gestión participativa para contribuir a la mejora del ambiente escolar en los planteles de educación media superior.
Fortalecer el aprendizaje socioemocional de los docentes y sus habilidades didácticas para la formación emocional de los estudiantes.
Desarrollar habilidades socioemocionales en los estudiantes de educación media superior que les permita reconocer y manejar emociones que afectan su desempeño; tener y mantener buenas relaciones interpersonales; y tomar decisiones responsablemente en diferentes contextos.
Desarrollar la capacidad institucional de los planteles para implementar acciones de gestión escolar participativa y de mejora del ambiente escolar.

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